Moses and Jessie Akpanudo

Moses Akpanudo is a native Nigerian from the small bush village of Obong Ntak. After coming to the United States and receiving a doctorate from Vanderbilt and Peabody College he and his wife Jessie, who had obtained a degree in Home Economics from David Lipscomb, returned home. In the last semester of the 1985-86 school year, Moses founded Obong Christian High School.

Staff and Students On Gospel Campaign

Moses Akpanudo and many of the teachers of Obong Christian High School are gospel preachers. During the dry season they take the students on open-air campaigns. Hundreds have obeyed the gospel. There have been 26 new congregations established as a direct result of the work of the staff and students. Some of the students go to the new churches and teach Sunday School classes, lead singing and go door-knocking, etc. Moses Akpanudo and Obong Christian High School are sponsored by the Mt. Morris Church of Christ 1262 South St. Mt. Morris, MI 48458

If you would like to have a part in this great work, we welcome your support.
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